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Woo Hoo......Stinky Poo Song was just announced as a finalist of the 2011 Great American Song Writing Contest!



3/12/2012: Check out the definitive list of the "Best Punk Music and Artists for Kids" on

"Billy's travels have taken him on the road throughout North America with his punk band before settling down to raise his children and to produce offbeat, catchy kid's songs from the positively fun and silly "Stinky Poo Song" to not at all politically poignant but utterly entertaining "Punk Rock Kid.""


Hi Kids of all ages. This is the home of Billy Jackfish and some of the wackiest songs found underwater or on land. Hold your breath and dive in to my website. From the silly “Stinky Poo Song” to “Punk Rock Kid” I promise you’ll be singing, dancing, swimming (well not really) and laughing your face off.

Billy Jackfish's new CD has songs for toddlers and kids but parents will like it too.

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