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The Stinky Poo Song

Billy Jackfish
Music-Billy Jackfish, Lyrics-Billy Jackfish and Leah Sweetland


What kid just doesn't love saying the title of this song! ... A clever use of a catchy phrase to get across important messages from his mom.  "Always say please and thank-you", "say excuse me when you're trying to get through" and "make sure all the other kids get to have a turn too" are hilarious when delivered by Billy pretending to be his mom.  Billy tells me the main lyrics came from walking past a panicky mom at a mall with a baby wailing "Wah Wah" and a toddler yelling "Stinky stinky poo".  The song was born...


Suitable for kids ages 2+

Parental Lyrics Advisory....Contains the word "Poo"